Piano Tuning & Repair

Welcome!  My name is Ron Bergeron.  I am a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) and the owner of PianoWorks LLC and Austin PianoWorks.  I tune pianos, repair them, and rebuild them all over the greater Austin area.  Although I work on all kinds, I have a special passion for classic instruments.

Please make PianoWorks your first resource on any piano-related question.  You can reach me by voice, text or email.    

Be sure to visit the photo and video gallery to see samples of our work, view some incredible pianos, or just to learn something about how they are put together!

Thanks for stopping by!


My newest addition: 1913 Steinway M. Fully restored 20 years ago. Added fresh Renner hammers a few weeks before this recording -- they haven't even been voiced yet (they need about 50 hours of play). before we do that)! Listen while I slaughter me some Mendelsohn!

Another of my talented customers, Dimitri Hammond plays his own original arrangement on a 1917 Starr, held together with duct tape and positive thoughts. Still sounds pretty good, though.

Looks original, but all new on the inside! Restored 1899 Wegman for 1928 Studios in Kyle, Texas. Unique sound!

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