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Welcome!  My name is Ron Bergeron.  I am a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) and the owner of PianoWorks LLC and Austin PianoWorks.  I tune pianos, repair them, and rebuild them all over the greater Austin area.  Although I work on all kinds, I have a special passion for classic instruments.

Please make PianoWorks your first resource on any piano-related question.  You can reach me by voice, text or email.    

Be sure to visit the photo and video gallery to see samples of our work, view some incredible pianos, or just to learn something about how they are put together!

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Here's what Ron's customers are saying...

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"The whole experience was wonderful. Ron was very professional from beginning to end, including on the phone when I called to make the appointment. It was easy to schedule the appointment to be convenient for me, as he was very flexible with his schedule. He arrived punctually and in a very pleasant mood. He got right to his work and once he had an understanding of the situation, he then consulted me before proceeding with any work. After getting my permission, he completed the job quite efficiently. I believe his extensive experience was reflected in his knowledge of my piano. I will happily hire Ron to do all of the service for my piano in the future. "

"I left a message for Ron on a weekend and he returned my call within 24 hours, though I was not expecting a call until the following Monday.  He was friendly and knowledgeable, very clear about potential pricing, and we set an appointment.  He arrived right on time and let me know what would be required (he had already told me how much the individual services would cost).  The piano sounds great.  He seems to really enjoy what he's doing.  I will use him again.   It went very smoothly, and they were very professional. I was very pleased."

"I never had my piano tuned and had it for 3 years plus we moved to a new city. Ron was very professional and careful with my piano. He also played the piano after tuning it to make sure it sounded like it should and that was worth the money alone!   He was easy to schedule with, made the appointment, was fun, friendly and professional as he walked me through his process of evaluating the instrument.  He was willing to share his personal opinions and helped me to discern my priorities so that I could come to a solid and supported decision regarding the restoration of the instrument.   The appt. took just about an hour, as he had predicted and the cost was exactly what he quoted.  He also referred me to another gentlemen who was selling a piano along the lines of what I might want.  He was extremely helpful and professional.  I highly recommend him; I suspect he does very high quality work when he is contracted to restore a piano."

"I scheduled a piano tuning with Austin Piano Works.   Ron of Austin Piano Works called the day before to remind me of the tuning, and confirm whether or not I still wanted it.   He showed up on time and was both very professional and pleasant.  I found out that I have a Steinway Sheraton (~ 1940s).   He did the pitch raise followed by the tuning.   My piano is in perfect tune and sounds great.  The job took between 1-2 hours.   A day or so after the tuning, I had a couple of questions, so I called Ron.   He explained to me what I was hearing and it made perfect sense. He said that if I was still concerned that he would make it right, and he did.   I am thoroughly satisfied with the service and the way my piano sounds.  It is really refreshing to find a service provider with the skills, knowledge and ethics of Ron and Austin Piano Works.  I highly recommend Austin Piano Works and will call them again the next time I need a tuning or repair on this old piano. Thanks Ron!"

"While I do not have any technical expertise to judge the actual tuning of the piano, I will say that my experience was excellent.   My piano was badly out of tune.   I had a quick response to my initial e-mail request for service.  It was easy to find a time that fit into my busy schedule.  Ron was great about confirming the appointment the day before.  He was on-time and friendly.  He was very knowledgeable and happy to answer questions and even show my 3 yr old some of his tools.  We needed to break the tuning into two visits three weeks apart because of the amount of tuning the strings would require.  The piano sounds much, much better.  We discussed some additional repairs that should be done in the future but he was realistic about if I needed them done right now and there was no pressure to do them on these visits. "

"I had an upright piano that had been moved several time and not been tuned in 15+ years.  Ron tuned it in two separate visits. Called us immediately to set up a time to service our piano. Very knowledgeable and friendly service.  Ron did a terrific job repairing and tuning our piano. We would definitely use his services again for our annual tuning. A true professional.  It went well and I was happy to have such a quick turnaround time for the initial contact through tothe final product. "

 "I initially contacted Austin PianoWorks to ask some questions regarding a piano I was considering for purchase. Ron was very helpful, participating in two phone calls as well as reviewing emailed images of the piano and piano internals. He provided advice and recommendations for free despite my request to pay for his time. I purchased the piano based on his feedback and he came to the house to perform the tuning, again it was an excellent experience. Ron's love for pianos is evident and he is friendly, professional, and detailed in his work.  Austin PianoWorks (Ron) provided free consultation on a piano purchase and later a tuning of the piano following purchase.  Scheduling and confirmation were by e-mail which made it easy. Ron Bergeron came on time. He is friendly and professional. Evaluated my piano which had not been played for years, and said one tuning would be enough with annual check ups. He cleaned the inside and tuned the piano. Then he played beautifully so I knew it was tuned."

"I contacted Ron and he gave me an estimate for the work over the phone. He then came out within a week and performed the work. We had several email communications before he came out and he was very prompt in replying. When he arrived (on time) the work was done in a timely manner and done very well."

"Ron is friendly, prompt, cheerful, knowledgeable, and professional. Ron at Austin PianoWorks is everything I would want in a piano tuner, and I will call him again when I need a piano tuned. I definitely recommend Ron for any piano tuning job!  Ron gave new life to my 54-year old piano that hadn't been tuned in at least 25 years (or possibly ever). In two visits, Ron did a pitch correction (the piano was more than 90% flat), tuned the piano (twice), adjusted the action,  repaired an ivory key facing, remounted a music stand, and in general just worked magic on this old piano. "

"A true pro.  He was prompt, professional and taught us about our piano...We will have him back to help us restore the piano one day.  Highly recommend." 

"This was a garage sale find of old piano used by a local high school, so he removed numerous pencils and pennies. Sounded better with keys sitting flat. Replaced 3 sharp keys at no charge and provided suggestions on wood tarnish DIY in case I was interested without having him do that work. The inspection found a cracked soundboard and was not worth the cost to fix this garage sale find. Would definitely use him again if we get a new piano that requires service." 

"Excellent work.  He is very professional and knowledgeable.  His (free) adjustments to some of the keys and levers was great. We will certainly use him again in the future."

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